2005 Z51 Worth it?



Ive scoured the forums and have found that the 05 specifically has BCM issues. Does anyone know if this is something to worry about in every c6? I know some have use Dinos, ABS Fixers, and G7 Computers but can only find a few accounts of them being reliable.

I know to look out for harmonic balancer wobble, column lock issues, difficulty getting into first gear, recalls, and to put the car in reverse to shut off to limit battery drain possibly stopping any issue with the BCM at all.

With all this in mind is a 2005 C6 Z51 M6 1SB Vert Red Exterior Black interior worth it given it can be bricked by a bad BCM. This is the top end of my budget so this year is the newest and lowest mileage I could find for the best condition.

Asking $17995 has 100k miles M6 Mint inside and out. Good carfax and maintenance history. Will give it a proper PPI and get Vehicle Service Info to ensure its not a lemon. Brand new wheels. Worth it to rely on a company for a new BCM or get a C5 2001 which Ive read to be the sweet spot c5 year with the same money. Open to every opinion thanks



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