How to install dashcam any mclaren


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In this page we are gonna show you how to install dashcam on to the mclaren by pictures
wired up the front and rear Blackvue DR650GW dash cams. I also installed the Power Magic Pro hardwire kit to enable constant 'Parking Mode' recording. This requires wiring the Power Magic Pro up to the fuse box as opposed to bolting the Blackvue straight into the 12v accessory port. Now, I am by no means an expert in these matters but I found it fairly straight forward. I took my time doing this and I am guessing it took me around 3 hours all told. Those who are more adept at this kind of thing could probably do it in half the time. Sorry for the dodgy Iphone pictures and my non-technical, layman's terms!
There are a few fuse boxes in the 12c but the main one (and the easiest to access for this purpose) is located behind the left hand seat.
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I had been concerned there would not be much to connect the earth wire too but I need not have worried. The side pillar trim has to be partially removed in order to feed the wires from the cameras through from the fuse box and there are a couple of bolts located behind this trim which are suitable for earthing purposes. The trim comes of easily - just apply gentle outward pressure and the trim clips will pop out.
mclaren seat belt.JPG
mclaren led.JPG
The 12v male jack from the front camera then bolts into the female end on the Power Magic Pro. There is plenty of room to hide this rather bulky connection behind the side pillar trim. You can partially see this in the earth bolt picture above. There is loads of spare wire from the Power Magic Pro and the front and rear cameras so I wrapped the excessive wires up in need bundles and put a tie wrap around them. Again, plenty of room for these behind the side pillar cover.

The wire which runs to the front camera is a piece of cake to install. It is best to start off and the point at which you wish to install the camera to better judge the cable length required. In my case it was just under the rear view mirror. Leave just enough wire to reach the camera. You can then run the wire up under the front edge of the headlining. This is very easy to do - you do not need to detach anything as there is a little lip at the front edge of the headlining. Plenty of room for the front camera wire - and the rear camera wire as well which has to be attached to the front camera if you are running the dual camera system. Once you have run the wire along the front edge of the headlining, you will reach the front side piller trim. You will need to remove the top section of this - again, just a light bit of pressure and the clips will pop out. The wire can then be run behind it.
mclaren lighter.JPG
Once you reach the bottom of the side pillar the wire/s can then be run underneath the door rubber which runs all the way back to the side pillar trim I discussed earlier. This is a piece of cake to do - the rubber has plenty of space underneath it and is easy to run you finger under and feed the wire/s in.
mclaren wiring.JPG
If you are installing a rear camera you will then have to continue to run the rear camera wire back along the rear three quarter section of the car and - if you intend to install the rear camera in the top centre of the rear window - along the top rear edge of the headlining. To this this, you will have to remove the top side centre pillar trim and the pull away the rear trim which surrounds the rear side window. You do no need to completely remove it - again, just enough to trail the wire behind. As with the front trim, just a small amount of outward pressure is required for the trim clips to release. This will also allow the rear part of the headlining to drop a bit which allows you to run the wire just behind it. You may need to pull the headlining down gently as there is no lip as there is with the front part. Just some gentle pressure will allow enough room to push the wire in place. The trims all clip back on easily - just line them up and give them a gentle thump which will ensure the plastic clips are pushed back into their respective holes. With the centre side pillar trim a couple of the clips had remained the car body. If this happens just remove them and clip them back on the inside of the trim before pushing the trim back on.

The Power Magic Pro comes with a little plastic controller box attached which allows you to adjust how long the camera stays on in Parking Mode (from a few minutes to Infinity) and also allows you to set how much power is drained from the car battery before the system completely shuts down to prevent total drainage. For the time being I have set mine to Infinity and 12v, which seems to be fairly par for course but I will probably tinker with this as the days go on.
mclaren fuse box.JPG
As you can see from the above photo, at present I have simply left the controller box sitting in the fuse box. There is plenty of room in there for it, although I may decide to use the double sided tape provided to attached it more permanently. Perhaps on the rear of the fuse box cover. This will prevent it moving about, although it cannot really go anywhere in its present state. Again, I will mess around with this over the coming days.

The camera is working fine. I have not had chance to do much with it yet. I did take the car for a quick spin up the road and all was well. The video looks a bit 'blocky' on playback but I have not fully configured the camera yet. I know the quality is set to High instead of Highest and the firmware is way out of date. More experimentation tomorrow!