Pioneer headunit CarPlay GPS, what gives?



I have a Pioneer DMH-WC5700NEX headunit in my 2010. A few months back, the GPS started acting up in Apple CarPlay. The speedometer in Waze wouldn't stay constant. I thought it was a Waze issue, but in Google Maps you would teleport backwards and forwards!

I moved the GPS antenna to the windshield and removed the ground plate since it wouldn't stick anymore, and reset the 3D Calibration Status. It was fine, but now that I've crossed exactly 500 miles since, it's acting up again, but not nearly as severe. The speedo in Waze lags behind, but both Waze and Google Maps tracking my movement is smooth, no issues there.

I believe not having a grounding plate on the GPS antenna is the issue here now.. Wired or Wireless CarPlay makes no difference. Does anyone have any advice?

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