Driver Side Mirror moving by itself



2007 C6 Convertible, about 50k miles. In the past few months I find the mirror has moved about 2 seconds of movement outward. The L-R switch is set to the center, OFF, and pressing left or right button does not move the mirror if set to center. So the motor works, it is just getting power intermittently on only one of the 4 axis movements possible.
I try to move the by hand, and it does not want to move in either direction with moderate pressure. (Afraid to push harder on it, some motors allow manual movement, maybe some do not. (?)
This limits the problem to be within the mirror motor module, or the wiring between the switches and the motor.
My guess is the mirror motor itself, rather than wires touching in the harness.
What is puzzling to me is the mirror does not drive to the outer limit, I can put it back with just a few degrees of movement, and I have no idea just when it is moving, if it creeps out or moves in one shot. It does move while driving, some time while in motion,
The mirror appears to be firmly attached to the motor carrier, it does not flop around, and all four axis movements work in all directions.
I'm guessing there are no circuits to automatically move the mirror such as moving in reverse, where some cars aim the mirror down when you go in reverse.
Any ideas out there?

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