how to replace Mclaren brakes oil


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We are gonna show you how to replace or change the brakes oil for mclaren 570 and 540 usually is batter to remove old brakes oil by

Thorstone Automotive Fluid Extractor Pump

is easier method ! first removed most of the oil by Fluid Extractor Pump and after that add brakes oil to the oil section and driver for 100 miles again check the oil to see is yellow or green by this KINGBOLEN Brake Fluid Tester ,

if the led light yellow or red change replace again 1 more time by Brake fluid tester ,that is it done, what kind of oil you need we upload the oil brakes picture (Liqui Moly) is the best brand DOT 5.1 only
what part you need:
liqui moly.jpg

where is the location of Brakes oil ? please check the picture front under hood you will see , do not remove the yellow plastic you see the oil level that is should be the same ,usually 2 x 250ML packs enough
mclaren brakes oil.jpg
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