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Today we have very good Drama movie
A District Attorney has his life turned upside down when he's involved in a hit and run and another man is arrested for his crime and charged with murder.
  • Director
  • Writer
  • Stars
    • Dominic Cooper
    • Samuel L. Jackson
    • Gloria Reuben
    • While driving home in a state of intoxication after celebrating winning a court case, ambitious young Chicago District Attorney Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) is accidentally involved in a fatal hit and run. In an effort to preserve his legal career, he covers it up. Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson), a 55-year-old car mechanic (whose wife and child had been killed in a home invasion by a parolee) is arrested for the murder, and has reported ties to a series of other unexplained crimes. Brockden becomes the prosecutor for the case and ensures that Davis is acquitted for the crime. After another man is mysteriously murdered in a similar manner as previous unsolved cases soon after Davis' release, Brockden and Det. Blake Kanon (Gloria Reuben) suspect that Davis is a serial killer who murders parolees in an attempt to prevent them committing further crimes.

      Brockden searches Davis' house for evidence to prove his suspicions. At the same time, his stepbrother Jimmy Logan (Ryan Robbins) tails Davis to a warehouse. While on the phone with Brockden, Logan is attacked by Davis leaving him in a coma. Brockden is arrested by the police and while in custody, Davis threatens to kill Brockden's wife (Erin Karpluk). He breaks out of prison to stop him. In a confrontation, Brockden is wounded by Davis, but is saved when Detective Kanon fatally shoots Davis. During the aftermath, Brockden introduces Logan to his wife and infant daughter.
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