Tires - Summer 2023



Okay, there are quite a few tire threads on this forum. I thought that it might be nice to have a current one as Im assuming that a few of us may be in the market for new tires for our Corvette. Im hoping that anyone who has purchased new tires in the past year or so can share their experiences and provide insights for those of us currently in the market. Thank you in advance for sharing.

I need new tires for my base 09. I will not be tracking (not competitively at least). I live in a hilly, rural area with many entertaining driving roads. I would also like to do some road trips, like the 6 hour drive to Bowling Green this summer.

My priorities:
-run flat/zero pressure, etc.
-good handling/ wear (doesnt need to be the best
available in the market).
-all season
-reasonable price (I know, theyre Corvette tires so
they will be relatively expensive).

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