2005 with 65,00 miles



I purchased a 2005 from an estate with 65,000 original miles. The car has been sitting many many years. Worked on car and got it running good. However not sure if transmission or rear has been serviced. I am scared to drive it because I don't want to break the trans. I have an appointment to take to cottman to have the filter and fluid changed however a mechanic friend says if it works don't mess with it. He says I should not have it serviced unless there is an issue. He is an old tyme mechanic that says you should never change the fluid in a transmission if it is not giving you any problems and he thinks I will be asking for problems. He believes I should drive it until it gives you a reason. The cottman trans person says that the fluid can breakdown even if the car is sitting, my friend believes otherwise. What should I do? Have it seviced or just drive it?

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