Hey guys I need some serious help with this issue my car is having, I just finished rebuilding my torque tube and camming the car and had it started up a couple of times while finishing bleeding the car. I turn off the car and it wont start again.

This is where I am so confused. I try and use Tech2 to read BCM, EBCM, ECM, VCIM. No communication with any module. I replaced BCM no help with issue still no communication. Checking resistance on CAN network shows 1ohm which is not right. TO even see a remotely ok ohm reading I have to unplug the X184 connector next to the ECM cutting off the ECM, EBCM, AND TCM from the can network. This will give be 120ohm reading and give me access to read the codes in the BCM. Now checking voltage with this connector off I get 2.6v on both CAN High and CAN Low. When I connect the X184 connector back in I get 5.004v on CAN High and CAN Low. To remedy this voltage issue once I unplug the ECM it will go back down from 5v on both high and low but I will still read 1 ohm on the CAN network. The ecm ohm reading is fine, I checked the pins directly on the ECM 121ohms. I think CAN High and CAN Low are shorted together somewhere between the X184 connector and the TCM connector. Unplugging the TCM and reading the ohms still shows 1 ohm meaning it has to be something between that and the X184 connector. Which that entire harness runs overtop the torque tube. I am not sure if I am right but I need input on this. Should I just cut the CAN High and Low Wires and make my own 4 going from the X184 Connector to the TCM connector? I am seriously lost. I am replacing ECM tomorrow to see if that helps anything but that ECM is BRAND new from GM, only 3 months old.

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