Low beam inoperable after water in headlight



Hope someone can help! i recently hit a puddle and got water into my drivers side head light (totaled, i know) which knocked out my drivers side low beam. The high/turn/fog lights are all good.

I swapped the headlight over and it worked which lead me to believe its the ballast. I then ordered a ballast and installed that with no luck. I then ordered a new cable to go from the ballast to the hid and again no luck.

I have already replaced the fuse and the relay and both seem to be fine if swapped. Im sort of at a loss here as what to do. My next step is to check the harness for power and swap the ballast with the driver side.

Does anybody have any advice as to what and where i should be looking? Ive read every thread and watched every video i could find with no luck. Ty in advance!

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