Ran over and into a gas station cover plate



Well, I installed a new 2 row ECP radiator, and what a difference in cooling, especially living in Phoenix. With an A & A S/C and an A to A intercooler the install was a bit of a challenge, but I got it done and am overjoyed with the cooling difference. The radiator is very well made, and delivered to my door for less than $400. A great savings over some other "brand name" radiators. I've said all that to say this. I went into a gas station and did't realize that the underground tank fill cover was at a weird angle, and I caught the radiator support skid plate and bent the support as well as the bolt hole on the frame on the passenger side. I didn't realize that the damage was that bad until I put the car on the lift. WOW was I shocked to say the least. I had to drop it out and do some pretty extensive tweaking in a vise, and eventually got it to the point it was able to be reinstalled. It did save my new radiator! Watch those elevated areas!

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