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This unit is the best unit 360 protection from getting speeding ticket
Our high performance, advanced radar detectors with integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) mean maximum range and minimal false alerts. Our community shares over 101 million real-time alerts a year on ESCORT Live, extending your range and protection wherever you drive.
1: The impotent benefit of Escort company if you get speeding ticket for 1 year ,the escort will cover the payment!
2: The Redline 360c is not for everyone, only those who expect the best. Never settling, never cutting corners. We delivered the best of the best for the people who expect high-end performance.
3: Dual front, single rear antennas provide 2X the range vs previous models.
4: Intelligent GPS-based technology learns routes and rejects false alerts.
5: Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source for 360° protection.
6: Proprietary true stealth design allows usage without being detected.
7: Built-in Wi-Fi allows for instant shared alerts and software updates.
8: Get advanced alerts to red light camera and speed camera locations.
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